As long as we have records of arts in human cultures, male and female nudity have been a central theme. Even today, no student of fine arts will skip the subject of depicting nudes in painting, drawing, sculpture or photography.

In my photographic work I love to surround the beauty of the male figure with the beauty of nature. For me, both of them speak about a transcendent and timeless reality behind, that we actually are born of. The sense of beauty is the ability to feel this transcendent reality and to reconnect with it. When now those two kinds of beauty flow together, they even more point to what is unspeakable and unvisible and let us adore it.

Myself and Arts

Most of the pictures display myself and I don’t hide that this has a lot to do with my journey towards embracing my own body and celebrating it, towards reconciliation with my sexuality and orientation. But I feel it is more. Whenever we are able to see beauty, as said above, and then create new beauty from it, in composition, coloring and moulding a piece of art, this new creation wants to be seen. It wants to lead the spectator into his own source that harmonizes with what he is seeing.

A part of this connection between him and the created work may be sexual attraction. Sexual attraction has been largely banned into the filthy area of dark desires, hidden secrets, vulgar behaviour and language. However, in reality, it is one of the most noblest gifts we have, enabling us to bridge our biological origin with our higher human conscieousness, spirit and what is beyond, the unmanifested reality that some people call God, others remain speech- and nameless in awe of what they feel to encounter. My desire is to go a way with you on this journey and inspire you.

Other photographers or models

Most of the pictures are taken by myself. As Self portraits they transport my view onto myself and don’t intend anything else.

However some great photographers have taken pictures with me as well and it’s highly interesting for me to see myself in the eyes of somebody else. The “dancing sunset” picture above is one example. When you see pictures of others on this site, it means that the photographers have been so friendly to allow me publishing them on my site and social media profiles. Although the pictures may still have the “MaleBodyPoetry” watermark, you see the name of the photographer and his contact in the description.

Likewise, I love to picture the male form in many different forms and persons. So you will also find pictures taken by myself but not showing myself. In these cases the names of the models can be found in the description.

Social Media

You can receive regular new publications of my photography on diverse social media platforms, however I would most prefer to have you “with me”, i.e. in my eMail list, where I will notify you about my newest collections. Make sure to register!

Social Media: In all platforms my account is called “MaleBodyPoetry”, so this is simple.

InstagramUnfortuntately pictures have always to be (nearly) square, so in some cases the composition is changed. Only censored versions are available
Instagram2Follow both Instagram Accounts! Their censor has errors and as a result frequently pictures are deleted, that perfectly correspond to their community guidelines, together with threats for possible future account deletion. So make sure to follow this one too, where I post the more “risky” pictures for censor errors.
Facebook groupThis is a private FB group (so you are not seen as member from outside). I post similar pictures but not the cropped square version of Instagram. Still only censored images.
TwitterTwitter allows full (i.e. frontal) nudity, which many of my pictures naturally have (why shouldn’t they). You find these “uncensored” pictures here.
OnlyFansEroticism for me is not a contradiction with arts. I am using the OnlyFans payment system as a minimal protection fee for the work I am posting there (mainly erotic art).
TumblrNo full nudity allowed, so you see only censored pictures there.
FlickrHere you find pictures in full resolution and downloadable.

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