Myself and Arts

Most of the pictures display myself and I don’t hide that this has a lot to do with my journey towards embracing my own body and celebrating it, towards reconciliation with my sexuality and orientation. But I feel it is more. Whenever we are able to see beauty, as said above, and then create new beauty from it, in composition, coloring and moulding a piece of art, this new creation wants to be seen. It wants to lead the spectator into his own source that harmonizes with what he is seeing.

A part of this connection between him and the created work may be sexual attraction. Sexual attraction has been largely banned into the filthy area of dark desires, hidden secrets, vulgar behaviour and language. However, in reality, it is one of the most noblest gifts we have, enabling us to bridge our biological origin with our higher human conscieousness, spirit and what is beyond, the unmanifested reality that some people call God, others remain speech- and nameless in awe of what they feel to encounter. My desire is to go a way with you on this journey and inspire you.