Natural Cathedreal

The rocks of this cave represent our surrounding reality as a whole. Who is able to feel the awe inspiring energy and beauty that it carries? Who can place himself rightly in union and at the same time in adoration related to what he senses?

Overview and Wideness

Wideness and places of big overview has always been a strong magnet for me. The outward overview reflects and furthers our inner overview and the wideness our spirit wants to watch into, while still limited in the dimensions of the world of form.

These pictures were taken during a retreat in Ronco, Lago Maggiore (Tecino – Italian part of Switzerland) in the beautiful house the grandfather of my friend already built there. It has served us as a holy place for deep discussions about current global paradigm changes and the people we will be to make to take our role in it. Loving beings who live in this limited world what they breath from the love beyond.

Mauro and Allie

I coincidentally found the beautiful Portugese-British couple Mauro and Allie at the beach in Portugal and they spontaneously agreed to be taken pictures of. Allie feels that Mauro should more believe that he is beautiful and I made it my goal to be her complice in this. Their natural expression of body positivity and love was so striking to me and I feel many of us gay people can learn from it.

Kissing Fish

The brightly colored fish in this bassin didn’t mind me to join them and found it very interesting to explore me. They didn’t have these strange shame obsession! For me these pictures beautifully illustrate the oneness and harmony with nature that we are actually made to be part of.

Blue and Green

I was invited by the beautiful clothing optional resort Casa Risa in Algarve / Portugal to take a shooting on their property. The characteristic strong blue of the place mixed with the lots of green in the garden characterizes this collection.

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