Social Media

You can receive regular new publications of my photography on diverse social media platforms, however I would most prefer to have you “with me”, i.e. in my eMail list, where I will notify you about my newest collections. Make sure to register!

Social Media: In all platforms my account is called “MaleBodyPoetry”, so this is simple.

InstagramUnfortuntately pictures have always to be (nearly) square, so in some cases the composition is changed. Only censored versions are available
Instagram2Follow both Instagram Accounts! Their censor has errors and as a result frequently pictures are deleted, that perfectly correspond to their community guidelines, together with threats for possible future account deletion. So make sure to follow this one too, where I post the more “risky” pictures for censor errors.
Facebook groupThis is a private FB group (so you are not seen as member from outside). I post similar pictures but not the cropped square version of Instagram. Still only censored images.
TwitterTwitter allows full (i.e. frontal) nudity, which many of my pictures naturally have (why shouldn’t they). You find these “uncensored” pictures here.
OnlyFansEroticism for me is not a contradiction with arts. I am using the OnlyFans payment system as a minimal protection fee for the work I am posting there (mainly erotic art).
TumblrNo full nudity allowed, so you see only censored pictures there.
FlickrHere you find pictures in full resolution and downloadable.